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Welcome to Jeremy's 80k D-Day Challenge...

At dawn on 6th June, 1944 the Allies commenced Operation Overlord, a daring plan to land approximately 133,000 troops, equipment and support personnel onto the beaches of Normandy in Northern France.

In this 80th Anniversary year, Jeremy has accepted the challenge to cover 80k to not only raise much needed funds for Royal British Legion Industries, but to also pay homage to those who so gallantly paid the ultimate sacrifice that we might be free.  Jeremy's late dad served in the Royal Navy for more than a quarter of a century, so he is dedicating this challenge to his memory as his dad would have wanted to help his fellow verterans.

The distance is no coincidence, as it represents the width of the 5 beaches along which the allies landed 80 years ago.

Jeremy will be embarking on his 80k challenge on the beaches of the North Essex coast on 1st June, and you'll be able to track his progress each day as he covers the symbolic 80k.  He has set himself a target to raise £1.00 for every person under British Command who lost their lives on the first day of the landings, which means he's hoping to reach £1475.00 with your help.

We hope you can encourage him to work hard to achieve the challenge in the shortest possible time, and help him to reach his fundraising target!  It would be amazing to bust through the target but that's down to you.  We know times are hard right now, but Jeremy hopes that you will be able to lend your support as every little helps.  

Daily Progress Report

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Countdown to the Challenge

D-Day in:

+17 Days

80 Km  / 49.71 Miles

Total Challenge Distance:           

Distance Completed: 

Distance to Go:          

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244.15 Km / 151.71 Miles

0.00 Km  / 0.00 Miles

The Challenge is complete and Jeremy nailed it!  We're impressed as Jeremy completed the 80k in 4 days, 2 days ahead of his target!  Go Jezza!  Jeremy is going to keep going until the end of June, so we will continue to update his totals as he walks, cycles and crawls his way to the end of the month, and there's still time for supporters to donate to this amazing charity!  

Royal British Legion Industries

Registered Charity in England & Wales - 210063

Scotland - SCO048795

Royal British Legion Industries has been helping those in need for over 100 years, providing support when needed to the armed forces community, those with disabilities and those who have found themselves unemployed.

From our social enterprise Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company where we provide meaningful employment to veterans and people with disabilities, to our care homes where we’re able to provide specialist dementia care, we’re well placed to provide those in need with the support, advice and care they deserve.

A Personal Message from Jeremy...

Sadly, we are still witnessing conflict across the World, and brave souls continue to pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect us.  Whilst this challenge represents a small sacrifice for me personally, it is one I couldn't refuse as it seems the most appropriate way for me to pay tribute to the men and women who have served and continue to serve to keep us safe, to include my late Dad, who was a hero to me!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my 80k D-Day Challenge page, and a special thanks for supporting my challenge by donating to help ensure that the vital work of RBLI can continue.