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It's all for Charity Great Mates... to help make a difference every day...

Giving a helping hand to great causes...

Jeremy has always loved helping others, and when it comes to supporting great causes he pulls out all the stops.

Over the past 30 years Jeremy has helped more than a hundred worthy charities by either being their Patron, hosting special events or offering general support when it was most needed.  

Jeremy's Charity Coordinator is on hand to make sure that he can continue to give, what little bit of spare time he has, to helping others.  So if you are a Charity and would like to see if Jeremy can help, why not use this handy form to send us a message.  We won't be able to help everyone, but we will do our best to squeeze you into his busy schedule.  

Jeremy & Monty Join in Teddy Bear Picnic Fun...

Bear Force (Charity)

Bear Force and KidsOut would love your support to help some of the UK's most forgotten children.

Jeremy & Monty explain how you can help...

Some of the other charities Jeremy loves helping...

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Cats Protection (Charity)
Cardiomyopathy UK (Charity)
Devon Air Ambulance (Charity)
Headway (Charity)
Worldwide Wildlife Fund (Charity)
When You Wish Upon a Star (Charity)